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We have successfully communicated our clients' press releases to various media outlets, including mainstream media, trade press, blogs and social media. Our press releases garner extensive coverage and exposure around the world, helping clients build a positive image and perception among their target audience.

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Our press release distribution team is a professional team focused on media communication and public relations. We are committed to getting your press release out to a wide range of media outlets, ensuring maximum exposure and dissemination of your message.

Members of our team have extensive public relations experience and a solid background in the media industry. We understand the needs and preferences of different media and have the ability to build relationships with journalists, editors and publishers.

Mia Nguyen

Cocial Media Manager

Lucas Santos

Brand PR Manager

Some Words From
Our Customers

Benjamin Parker

Director of Foreign Trade

“I am extremely satisfied with your press release distribution service! Your professionalism and efficiency have guaranteed widespread exposure for my news. The meticulous review and screening of the press release content, ensuring its credibility and accuracy, were highly valued. “

Ethan Reynolds

immigration attorney

“As an immigration attorney, I’m highly satisfied with your press release distribution service! You’ve enhanced my brand and provided excellent press release writing and timely support. Through major media outlets, I gained exposure, crucial for expanding my business. I appreciate your professionalism and precision. I strongly recommend your service to fellow immigration attorneys. Thank you for your outstanding contribution! “

William Anderson

Senior Vice President

“As a Senior Vice President, I am highly satisfied with your press release distribution service! Your team has demonstrated excellence in helping me promote our company brand and increase market influence. The press release writing and distribution services you provide are highly professional, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the press releases. “

James Roberts

Senior Investment Banker

“By publishing press releases on mainstream media and financial platforms, we have gained widespread exposure and recognition, which is crucial for expanding our business and attracting investors. I particularly appreciate your deep understanding of press release content and ability to accurately convey investment information.”